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【Yoga Padma Risikesh in Harajuku】

Yoga Padma Rishikesh, Tokyo which is a place you can learn traditional real Hatha Yoga with sophisticated trainers.


【Studio Concept】

 Our Yoga studio is located in near by Harajuku or Meijijinguumae Station, it takes only 3 minutes on foot.
We offer the class which is for small members students with cozy atmosphere.
We have many classes and we use many props to teach Yoga for each class and each student level.


General information

1-15-12#208(Chateau Hiro)  Jinguumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo


contact email info@yogapadma.jp

+81 3 5775-4776

We are not available to make a reservation for a class via phone during classes and to be away at the studio. Please send an e-mail for your requirements and queries.

Introduce of the classes


*the class for a person who is first time to do Yoga

*Focus to parts which is hard to st stretch and make the base of pose by monitoring the body

Level1/All Level

*This is our main class and everyone can join it

*We use many props to teach Asana ( pose) carefully for each class and each student level which is basic class for Asana.

*This is for a person who would like to deeply learn Asana. This is for a person who is the first time to visit us and for the person who is teaching Yoga.

Level 2

*The person who has an experience for level 1st class. The person who knows how use props when you make an Asana( pose)

*This class is doing basic Asana of level 1, and doing back bend, back standing as well.

Deep stretch

*Everybody can participate the class. This is static moving class. Softening a joint of shoulder and stretching deeply muscle of the leg. This class is suitable for a person who would like to be softer for body.

Restorative Yoga *stress and exhaustion are refracted to negative impact to our body gradually. This class is practicing with sequence for strengthen of immunity system, upon releasing tense a nerves and exhaustion of body by using matched props for each students body conditions on the date. As the result, the body function is recovered and mind is also getting calm as attending this class. Everyone can attend the class.




Reservations Reservations required when you visit us for the first time.
contact: info@yogapadma.jp
prices one class ¥ 3,000
4times ¥10,000 (2month limit)
10times ¥21,000(3months limit)
night time ¥8,000(1month limit)


Private lesson by Yukako every Wednesday night ( 18:00-20:00)

Please note that the tickets have an expiry dates and we are unable to neither refund you the tuition nor extend the expiry date with your individual reasons. In addition, the mentioned the tuition is excluding tax.


Way of participating our lesson

Our studio is all reservations systems. Please make a reservation for general lesson and workshops via e-mail until 1 day of the lesson at least.



Please inform us contact list such as mobile phone# since it is possibility to contact you when we have obtain a reservation via e-mail. Please note that we don’t accept to make a  reservation via phone call.


Introduction of instructor

Yukako(Japanese/English)class. Yukako is the owner of the studio.

I had worked at company as a secretary for 10 years and have begun to teach Yoga in Tokyo since 2004. I have mainly stayed in Rishikesh, India to deepen knowledge about Yoga from 2006 to 2011 and learned about Asana and philosophy, Ayurveda, Indian martial arts. I have practiced Iyenger Yoga since 2007 in Rishikesh, India and now on. I have studied under Master Faeq. Bira since 2012 who is held a studio in Paris and I join his TTC course regularly.